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1.7.11 -- "Crashing the Dollar is easy to read and understand. It has special appeal for readers who are not inclined to delve into difficult technical explanations for the dangers of the socialist agenda, monetizing of public debt, and corporate bailouts practiced by the current U.S. Administration. This book explains why these inflationary policies are destined to destroy economic prosperity, liberty, and way of life. It explains what 'Ninja' and 'liar' loans are and how these created the 2008 real-estate bubble and crash, which led to the bailouts of financial and investment institutions considered 'too big to fail'. It is these policies that will inevitably crash the dollar, and soon. But there is hope.This very important, timely, and helpful book of warning deserves to be widely distributed and read. Crashing the Dollar is a book for everyone concerned with how to protect the value of hard-earned personal assets and savings while there is still time to do so before the experiences of pre-WW2 Weimar Germany and what is threatening the European Union today repeat in America. History truly does repeat itself."

-Brian F.,Canada

12-29-10 -- Craig R. Smith connects the dots between the printing of fiat currency, hyperinflation, and the impending destruction of the U.S. economy.  Like the proverbial frog on the stove top, the U.S. dollar is reaching the boiling point, and the typical American is totally unprepared.  Craig's book, Crashing the Dollar, helps educate Americans about what is taking place within our national economy.  This book should be more than just read - it should be studied and memorized by every caring citizen, and certainly every politician in America.  Craig gives us remarkable insight into our financial dilemma, as well as wise advice on how to survive the coming currency collapse. 

- Derry Brownfield, Talk Radio Personality, Centertown, MO

12-22-10 -- Craig R. Smith pulls no punches in this no-holds-barred assessment of the historic, political, and economic mess we confront.  Crashing the Dollar is must reading.

- J.D. Hayworth, former U.S. Congressman, Phoenix, AZ

12.8.10 -- "As the dollar heads for the basement while the inflation beast hovers over America - and, in fact, the world - Glenn Beck warns of trying times ahead. Just in case anyone could possibly miss Mr. Beck's point, the book Crashing the Dollar: How to Survive a Global Currency Collapse flatly says we are digging the biggest hole in U.S. history... These two books complement each other very well. While Mr. Beck's strength is the fascinating history of how we got where we are today, Mr. Smith comes down hard as to what happens if we don't extricate ourselves from the mess. Our time is running short. Mr. Smith recommends that we diversify our savings so that up to 25 percent of it "is out beyond the greedy grasping hands of politicians."

- Wes Vernon, The Washington Times (Dollar woes and what lies ahead)

12.3.10 -- "WOW!" I'm so tickled - your book is as great as the cover! It is spot on! Thank you and The Derry Brownfield show, for publishing and airing this very timely information. I can't stop sharing it. I don't think our Father in heaven held anything back when you wrote this. I plan to order T-shirts and posters of the cover. Everyone must read Crashing the Dollar - NOW! After reading this book, if you didn't wake up, you're dead! Sincerely" more book reviews...

Butch J., Mansfield, MO

12.3.10 -- "Excellent book!! Tells it like it is, unfortunately! We will make sure every one in our family, plus our friends, know about it!!"

-Audrey S., San Diego, CA

11.22.10 -- "Crashing the Dollar is outstanding! Once I started reading it I couldn't put it down. It is hard hitting and looks beyond the surface of our economic situation and reveals what is truly happening. It is evident that much research went into the writing of the book. I recommend it to anyone concerned about their own economic well-being. The book gives practical advice on how to prepare for what lies ahead. I ordered another 30 copies to sell on my book table in churches where I speak."

-Bill F., Clinton, AR

11.19.10 -- "If you liked Trickle Up Poverty, you'll love Crashing the Dollar. You'll laugh, but liberals will cry. Why? Because it arms readers with evidence that Obama knows that his policies risk crashing the dollar and economy, then details how to survive and thrive a global currency collapse."

-Michael Savage, host The Savage Nation

11.19.10 -- "The dollar is crashing and burning! Prices are exploding. Jobs are vanishing. Wages are stagnant. Excuses are rampant. Answers are MIA. Do you smell smoke? DING-DING... "Ladies and gentlemen, the Captain has left the cockpit. Have a nice flight." Crashing the Dollar offers critical, life-changing information about how to protect our loved ones and our country. Who knows, the family he saves may be your own!"

-Jerry M., New York, N.Y

11.10.10 -- Crashing the Dollar is true, right and correct! This has to be a plan. My plan is to warn family and friends immediately by giving them each a copy for Christmas."

-Hal R., San Luis Obispo, CA

11.10.10 -- "The book definitely presents a clear picture of how 'crashing the dollar' is the wrong direction for us. At least we have some great input on how to escape the coming of 'Weimar' to the U.S.! Thank you for producing a great book!"

-David and Kristine W., Franksville, WI

11.9.10-- "It's hard to find enough superlatives to do justice to Crashing the Dollar. It should be in everyone's hands before it's too late. Crashing the Dollar is very open and readable, with a pull toward-the-next-page. I know Weimar (Republic) is coming and trust in God. I warn friends and relatives to prepare and will be passing the book around."

-J. Armstrong, Bardstown, KY

11.9.10 -- "Crashing the Dollar is not only interesting, it is scary. I didn't know what our government is doing to us until I read the book. I am ordering 3 more books for my close friends."

-Norma K., Warwick, RI

11.4.10 -- "Right on target! Crashing the Dollar is sure to help millions discover the most trustworthy yellow brick road to financial safety in a currency collapse."

- Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D., #1 NYT bestselling author, senior staff reporter for World Net Daily, and managing director at Gilford Securities, NYC.

10.28.10 -- "Crashing the Dollar strips bare the secret agenda and tactics of those behind today's impending economic and currency crises. This book will teach you how to protect your financial future, whether you're a retiree like me, or a breadwinner trying to insure you have enough bread for your children's future. Author Craig Smith, a street-smart businessman, has produced an easy to read financial survival manual for those who love America."
-E. Lubin, Westlake Village, CA

10.20.10 -- "Mr. Smith is full of common sense. His down-to-earth analysis of how America's Middle Class is slowly being crushed resonated loudly with my audience. Crashing the Dollar is on my '2010 must-read' list!"

-Jerry Doyle, host, The Jerry Doyle Show

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Crashing the Dollar Book News

11.2.10 -- Crashing the Dollar describes financial fallout ahead
Could unrestrained lame duck legislation inadvertently cause more uncertainty and stress in an already-fragile economy, create more unemployment, and increase the risk that the dollar and America's economy will crash? Crashing the Dollar offers ways to renew America's economy and, if we prepare wisely, to save ourselves and our families from the economic death spiral of extreme debt and unpopular government policies we now face.

10.27.10 -- Crashing the Dollar lands, then flies out the door
Since the Crashing the Dollar books arrived last Friday (10.22.10) over 1,000 copies have already been shipped out to anxious readers, many of which responded to live media interviews with Mr. Smith. Within weeks the publisher expects book reviews will begin coming in, which will be posted at this page. WND.com Superstore reports book sales averaging 50 copies per day in the first 3 days, thrusting it onto WND's Top 10 list. Within two weeks Crashing the Dollar will also land at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble and Borders will follow thereafter.

Pictured above is Crashing the Dollar author Craig R. Smith receiving his first book hot off the presses by his publisher David Bradshaw of Idea Factory Press (also publisher of Mr. Smith's classic 2001 book Rediscovering Gold in the 21st Century: The Complete Guide to the Next Gold Rush).

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