"Brilliant!" ... "Shocking!" ... "Dangerous!"

"The United States is digging the biggest economic hole in human history.

This hole of debt is now so deep that, if you listen carefully, you can hear the voices of Chinese creditors asking one another if they will ever get back the $900 billion they have lent to us.

This hole of debt is so wide that it threatens to collapse the foundations not only of the U.S. Dollar and economy but also of other major currencies and economies around the world."

- Craig R. Smith, from his Introduction to Crashing the Dollar.

Craig R. Smith, the Founder and Chairman of Swiss America Trading Corporation, has been interviewed on CNBC, Fox, and other business media. He is a former columnist for WorldNetDaily.com.
Lowell Ponte, a Newsmax Magazine Contributing Editor, was a Roving Editor at Reader's Digest Magazine.
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"The U.S. economy has been skyjacked" -Craig R. Smith
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